Persona Non Grata's formation began in 2003 when John Ioannidis (keyboards) invited Chris Gatsos (guitars) to join his group Fatal Error. It didn't take long for John and Chris to realize that they had to move on to progressive metal music which was a mix of rock that John loved to play and heavy metal that Chris grew up with. In order to achieve this they had to change the band's line up.

During this period they focused on writing the music which would be the material for their first CD "Shade In The Light". It was 2 years later when vocalist, Bill Axiotis, joined the PnG group and they started recording this album.

They asked session musicians Akis Gavalas (drums) and Chris Vogiatzis (Bass) to help record the album. When the sessions were over they felt a synergy with the three members of the band and came on board permanently, completing the lineup of Persona Non Grata.


Their 1st cd "Shade In The Light" captures a band creating complex music but coming from the melodic end of the metal musical spectrum. Similar bands would include Circus Maximus, Vanden Plas, and Poverty’s No Crime.

The November of 2009 in the middle of the season PNG decided to change the vocalist of the group due to the increased obligations of the band.

Aris Pirris was their final decision because apart from his great voice, they have seen from the first moment that is willing to devote time and effort to give the impetus which was absent so far.

The 2010 in between lives gigs and tours, PNG went to their studio for recording the new album named “Quantum Leap”.

After some months of hard job they finalize the promo album. Seeking for a label wasnt finally so difficult as Massacre liked PNG's job. Some negotiations and the release is a reality.


Line Up


Chris Gatsos
Gear Ibanez guitars
Interests Gym. cinema, swimming
Previous Bands

Adrenalin surge,Withered agave

Born in 1980 in Greece. He began playing guitar at an early age , inspired by rock and metal players like Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen ,Greg How and many others.
At his early teens he played with bands like Adrenalin surge,Withered agave. Later he becomes a session musician playing different genres of music with several different artists.

In 2003 met John Ioannidis when they formed the Persona non Grata band.

Currently lives and works in Athens.


John Ioannidis
Gear Yamaha, Ensoniq Synths
Interests computer techology, electronics, squash, tennis
Previous Bands

Ecstacy, Trade Mark, Fatal Error

At age of 6 he began his classical studies at the National Conservatory of accordion and music theory. Alongside dealt seriously with playing keyboards in many cover bands. He was influenced by Kansas, Rush, Deep Purple and other great progressive rock bands. He was very lucky achieved the technological revolution had a huge impact on creating new sounds and musical styles, culminating in the music of the 80's and 90's

After finishing his studies, he created his first band in the style of hard rock with the name "Ecstasy". During the year and working techniques and skills the band was upgraded and renamed as "Fatal Error" preparing substantial jump from rock to progressive metal.

The 2003 formes with Chris Gatsos the "Persona non Grata" band.

Currently lives and works in Athens and is married with 2 children.


Akis Gavalas
Interests computer techology, electronics, politics
Previous Bands

Sound of Silence

Akis Gavalas born in Athens. He began playing drums at the age of 10 inspired by rock metal Bands like Rush Qeen, Yes, Qweensryche .

Sound Of Silence was his first band  and spiritual journey his first album . He is a session drummer since 1990. At 2009 met John and Chris from PNG and after the recording sessions of the first PNG album"Shade In The Light"  he joined as a full member the band

Currently lives and works in Athens.


Bill Axiotis
Gear Sure microphones
Interests computer techology, electronics, theater
Previous Bands

phantom lord,nostalgia for a belief,n.u.r.v,spitfire

Bill is 34 years old.He is a well respected singer in Greece as well a well experienced vocal coach.
In the field of recording he has participated in 17 rock-metal records gaining great reviews in greece and abroad.

He also has great experience in the live field with numerous shows and an eight year service in musical theater

Currently lives and works in Athens.



Chris Kolias
Gear Warwick Basses
Interests computer techology, electronics, games
Previous Bands

Seduce The Heaven, Human License  

Chris was born in December 8,1986 and lives in Athens,Greece . He took the first steps in music at the age of 9 by playing flute in the elementary school . At the age of 16, being encouraged by his sister he started playing the bass in order to create a band with some friends, influenced by progressive metal bands like Dream Theater & Symphony X. All these years he has been playing in various cover bands, has recorded 5 full length albums and performed as a session musician

Currently lives and works in Athens.





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